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I’m sorry he said In that way of saying without meaning Before turning back to his beer Unaware the hollowness of his words Rang like a bell To remind me of all his other empty words I swallowed for sustenance … Continue reading

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The contract voided Creates space To fill with new possibilities

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There was a band Wrapped around your finger That was me Your husband And now I’m just the wasband

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The empty house filled with things Left no room for us to turn around The y’s turned for a tight scrape out Into an empty yard with daughter playing Under a mother’s watchful eye A dirty look a honk a … Continue reading

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The house is quiet and still Just because you’re not here Doesn’t mean you’re gone

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It’s so tiresome When your future ex-wife Bitches about her future ex-husband Because that person Never lived here

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Two years of HRT and the poetry of love

Someone came along and knocked me off my axis a little over two weeks ago, and I fell madly, deeply, insanely, I can’t get shit done, in love, and how fucking lucky am I? How lucky? She writes me poetry. … Continue reading

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