Betrayal is the bitter poison that chokes your throat with ash, settling as a stone in your gut.

Betrayal is every ‘I love you’ twisting a knife deeper and harder into your heart.

Betrayal is hugs that camouflage disdain and revulsion for your body.

Betrayal is the cutting, mocking nickname for you laughed about behind your back.

Betrayal is the duplicitous, feigned interest in your well being and delivered with empty promises.

Betrayal is the cheerleading for the other at your expense.

Betrayal is the husk of yourself, discarded carelessly and wantonly.

Betrayal is the gritted teeth of stinging disappointment and rejection.

Betrayal is the clear-eyed view of the monstrous behavior that you used to ignore and excuse because you loved them.

Betrayal is the seething, righteous anger that propels you beyond trust.

Betrayal is not having to care about them any more.

Betrayal is a scarring wound you’ll finger in the future to remind you to avoid people like that in the future.

Betrayal is the coward’s way of lies and deceit.

Betrayal is the force field you turn on around yourself to shield you from their touch, sight, and sound.

Betrayal is the ocean of tears you cry to float away on.

Betrayal is the anchor of sadness you drag behind you.


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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